We provide a monitoring service for vulnerable people, such as those in fear of domestic violence.


IPer, an acronym for Internet Protocol Event Reporting, is an online only business operating in the United Kingdom and located in Scotland.

IPer is not associated with the company named "IPER LTD", registered on the 16th of September 2003 in England, United Kingdom, number 04900372, and being dissolved on the 19th of May 2015. IPer is not associated with any other organisations of similar names.

All telephone calls to and from us are recorded.

Calls to us are rejected automatically if:
  • the caller withholds their number by using the United Kingdom prefix 141;
  • where the number is withheld by default or by the operator;
  • where the number cannot be determined, also known as unavailable;

If your number is withheld by default in the United Kingdom, then you may be able to use the prefix 1470 to present the number you are calling from.